Solving Mosquito Problems

It is not uncommon, for people to have some rain barrels, where they can save water when it rains, to water their garden or use that water around the house.  There are many benefits of having your own rain barrel, but there may also be some problems once in a while.  One of the most common ones is a mosquito problem, as these flying insects, love water and even flourish on it. 

Mosquitoes are attracted to standing water, no matter how small the puddle might be.  This is also the time of year, when mosquitoes come out from hibernating and start breeding, which means your rain barrels could be their perfect home.   Thankfully, there are some methods that you can use to continue saving some water in a barrel and not have any mosquito problems whatsoever. 

According to some mosquito control experts, hot weather allows mosquitoes to develop from an egg to an adult in only seven to ten days.  This creates lots of health treats and if you have a rain barrel, you may be creating the perfect environment for mosquitoes to breed in during spring and summer. 

Here are some tips for preventing mosquito problems if you have a rain barrel or collect water from the rain in another type of container. 

  • ·         Using containers that are specifically made for collecting rain water is the wiser choice.  Using buckets or garbage cans can create mosquito problems even faster.  

  • ·         Use mosquito proof screen, for covering the barrel or container and this should reduce the chances of mosquitoes breeding in your water, if you remember to place the screen every time.  

  • ·         Always make sure that there is no organic debris in your container, such as leaves or even some bugs.  

  • ·         It is also a good idea to clear the pool of water that will surely form over your barrel, as these small puddles, can create a breeding ground for mosquitoes too. 

  • ·         You need to check that your barrel has no leaks and that no water is accumulating at the bottom of it,  as this can also help mosquitoes to breed better and something that you want to prevent.   

  • ·         Remember to clean your barrel or container on a regular basis and to drain it completely, before saving some more clean water.  

  • ·         You can try adding some fish that eat mosquitoes to your rain barrel and they will take care of this problem almost right away.  

  • ·         If really needed, use a natural or chemical product to get rid of the mosquito larvae.  This should only be used, when you have a serious mosquito problem and have not been able to solve it any other way.  Natural larvae controlling products are always the best choice.  

So if you are one of the people who collect water in a barrel every time it rains, remember to follow these tips, so that you don’t have any mosquito problems during this hot weather season.  

Can Mosquitoes Help To Fight Diseases?

It is common to believe that mosquitoes are only disease carriers and that they are more frustrating than they are helpful.  But new studies and some scientists are now discovering new ways to use mosquitoes to control certain diseases, problems and pests.  If these studies prove to be right, we are certainly going to have a very different world in the near future.

Subang Jaya, a city in Malaysia, is now considering to use mosquitoes to control Aedes or the mosquitoes which cause dengue cases, which have become very common in this part of the world.  There have been around 879 dengue cases in this area, from January 1st to February 1st of 2014, which is a huge increment from last year, as there were only 108 dengue cases reported during this time of year in 2013.  

This is an alarming increase in dengue cases, which is why scientists and researchers are now working on finding new ways to control these problems and doing it in a natural way. Right now, they have already identified some of the hot spots for this problem and they are planning to release some mosquitoes, which will help end the dengue problem.  

Aedes mosquitoes are the ones that carry the dengue disease and scientists plan to release some elephant mosquitoes in these regions, in order to change the genetics of the mosquitoes in the area and thus reduce the number of dengue cases that are being diagnosed here.  

Scientists believe that the increase in mosquitoes carrying the dengue diseases is due to the un-cleanliness of some of the residents in these areas.  They found many uncovered water tanks and garbage not being disposed properly, which only allow mosquitoes to breed easier and to increase their numbers very fast.  

The local authorities are already conducting inspections on a daily basis and they are also doing fogging exercises, in order to make people understand the seriousness of this problem.  Controlling dengue cases might take some time, but if we all do our part and new ways to battle these mosquitoes arise, we will certainly be able to reduce the number of mosquitoes that can infect us with this disease.  

It is a proven fact that mosquitoes bite some people a lot more than they do others. There are many reasons why mosquitoes might prefer biting someone and these include things like the shirt color you are wearing, the exercises that you do, as well as your blood type, your metabolism and even drinking beer. 

Many people have gone hiking or camping with friends, only to find that they were bitten more by mosquitoes than everyone else.  There are many speculations about why this happens, but there are now studies, which say that at least 20% of the human population is extremely delicious to mosquitoes. 

Scientists explain reasons why this happens and are always working towards developing new methods to stop these insects from biting us.    

Top Reasons Why Mosquitoes Prefer Certain People Over Others

1.       Blood Type – This should be a pretty obvious one! Our blood types really does influence on how mosquitoes trace us. Scientists have found that Type O blood is a lot more appetizing to mosquitoes, than Type A blood.  We all secrete some chemical through our skin and this lets mosquitoes know what type of blood we have. 

2.       Carbon Dioxide – Every single time that we take a breath and release the air, we are releasing some carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and this helps mosquitoes to find us.  People who are a bit larger than others tend to release more of this gas into the air and this means that they are a lot more appetizing to mosquitoes than slim people. 

3.       Metabolism and Exercise – Our sweat is made of uric acid, ammonia, lactic acid and other substances, which can attract mosquitoes too.  This means that if you are a person who exercises a lot, you might attract mosquitoes more than others, as you will sweat more and have a different metabolism.

4.       Bacteria on Your Skin – We all have some types of bacteria living naturally on our skin and depending on which types we have, mosquitoes can feel a lot more attracted to some of us.   

5.       Beer – Believe it or not, drinking beer can also cause you to become more appetizing to mosquitoes and since many of us tend to drink beer outdoors, this could really influence on how many mosquitoes bite us.  According to some studies, just drinking a 12 oz beer can make you tastier to mosquitoes and it is all due to the ethanol that your body releases after drinking beer. 

So keep in mind these things the next time that a mosquito bites you.  They should help you to understand why these insects prefer you over some of your family members and friends.  Hopefully one day, scientists will find a solution to making all of us less appetizing to mosquitoes!

How Climate Change Determines The Life Of Mosquitoes

As most of us know by now, climate change is a reality and it is not only affecting human beings but animals and mosquitoes too. New studies from the University of Canterbury are researching how climate change affects the life of mosquitoes and how these small insects can become an invasive species. 

Mosquitoes can carry lots of viruses and diseases, which is why scientists have worked on controlling these types of insects for a very long time. Scientists are now trying to understand how climate change will affect the behavior of mosquitoes and if they are going to be reproducing at a faster rate.

Scientists have started working on understanding if introducing other types of species to a certain environment can affect the life of mosquitoes or if they can survive even better on such conditions.

According to many climate change experts, the weather and environment that we have grown accustomed to will change over the next 100 years and this will affect millions of species on the planet.     

This also means that scientists have found new methods for controlling mosquitoes in different types of environments and that new natural deterrent will soon be available too. Although, there are plenty of good options for controlling mosquitoes naturally right now, new methods will always be welcomed, as these flying insects, will surely be able to survive in different environments and withstand certain deterrents.    

No matter what happens with the strength of the mosquitoes in your area, you can always be certain that someone is already working on a solution for controlling these types of plagues.  Blue Ridge Mosquito Control is the perfect example, as we always use a natural deterrent, which is capable of controlling mosquitoes without harming your health or that of your family.

Read some of our other blog posts for more information about controlling mosquitoes and why natural deterrents are a much wiser option than any of the other control options out there.  You can also give our experts a call and they will be glad to provide you with more personal information for controlling your mosquito problem.  

Controlling Mosquitoes In Time

Malaria is one of the worst known diseases to human kind and the only way to stop it is to control our mosquito problems right away. Trying to control malaria has been going on for many years and it is a battlefront, which we have still not won.  Today, there are plenty of mosquito nets and coils, which help to repel mosquitoes from the places where we like to hang out. Now there are also vaccines and other chemicals, which help to fight malaria, but the only real way to end this disease is to control mosquitoes from the very beginning. 

Now, scientists are looking for modern ways to control mosquitoes. Some experts are already looking into the sexual life of mosquitoes in order to try and determine how they can end their reproduction and control malaria once and for all.  Researchers, from the Harvard School of Public Health, have already found a hormone, which is transmitted by male mosquitoes to their females and which activates the sexual activity in these insects. 

If a way to block this hormone can be found, controlling mosquitoes and malaria could be closer than we think. This is why we must encourage scientists to continue their research on this hormone.   If scientists can find a way to alter this hormone, female mosquitoes will no longer be able to produce eggs as fast as they are used to which will lead to a drop in the population of mosquitoes quite quickly. 

No other research has found any similarities with other insects or animals, besides the mosquito, which is certainly an amazing feat that will surely help us to control malaria in many places of the world.  If scientists are able to manipulate this mosquito hormone, they will be able to release unfertile male mosquitoes into infected areas and this will control the overall population. 

Scientists are also considering developing some inhibitors from this newly found mosquito hormone, which would also prevent female mosquitoes from developing eggs and thus, solving mosquito infestations.  This will work as a “Plan B”, as it would work even if mosquito repellents don’t and will help to keep mosquito numbers very low. 

Mosquito resistance to controlling methods has always been a problem, which is why new control methods are always welcome.  Biological methods for controlling mosquitoes will soon become more effective and we will all have to worry less about being infected by a mosquito with malaria or any other type of disease. 

If you are currently having some problems with mosquitoes, Blue Ridge Mosquito Control, has the perfect solution for you and this is why you should contact them right away.  We have several methods for controlling mosquitoes, as well as some natural repellents, which will not affect your health or discomfort you in any way.  Mosquitoes can in fact be eradicated and Blue Ridge Mosquito Control knows exactly how to accomplish this in the least amount of time possible.  

As you may probably already know, there are now many types of insecticides and methods for controlling mosquitoes out there, but sometimes, these methods are simply not enough and this is why hiring professionals will be your best choice. Today, you can find a water based mosquito control treatment, which is very effective and does not harm human beings or the environment. This is an insect control method that everyone should consider, because it not only gets the job done, but it will also help to prevent future outgrowths and will keep a sanitized area as well.

There are now many chemicals, which can help you to get rid of mosquitoes, but not all of them are natural and some can be extremely hazardous for your health. By calling some expert mosquito exterminators, you will get the job done in the least time possible and you will also have access to a different variety of solutions, which means that you will get a chance to choose the best one for you and to get rid of your mosquito problem once and for all.

Pyrethrum is considered one of the best insect repellants in the world and it has been in use for more than a couple of centuries. Pyrethrum can be found in the flowers of Chrysanthemum Cinerarifolium, which is a beautiful plant and has a distinct smell as well.  The early Chinese Dynasty was one of the first communities to start using this plant as an insect repellant and today its use has increased and improved as well.

Because Pyrethrum contains more than six types of insect repellant components, it is one of the most efficient methods for controlling mosquitoes and it even helps to prevent them from approaching the sprayed area.  There are few insect repellants that work as good as this one and this is why millions of people are now choosing this method over the rest.

If you are having problems with mosquitoes and you live in Charlotte or near this city, you should definitely consider giving Blue Ridge Mosquito Control a call, as they are experts in this type of insect repellant spraying and they will even provide you with more information about the benefits of using this water based insect repellant and getting rid of a mosquito infestation.

If you are one of the people who enjoy spending time in your garden or on your porch, but cannot withstand mosquitoes biting your skin, Blue Ridge Mosquito Control is your best answer and they will get this problem solved for you in less time, than you can possibly imagine.

After calling Blue Ridge Mosquito Control and receiving their water based spraying treatment, mosquitoes will not get near for at least 21 days and you will be able to enjoy those outdoor spaces that you love so much even more.  So no matter how many mosquitoes are flying around in your yard, giving them a spray with one of these modern insect repellants will help you a lot and will also protect you from getting infected with some dangerous diseases, which are commonly spread by mosquito bites.


Dealing With A Mosquito Problem

There are many different species of mosquitoes around the world and all of them are attracted differently to things.  If you are currently suffering from a mosquito problem in your home, it would be wise to consider some of the mosquito traps being sold in the market, try making your own at home or hire a professional to get the job done for you. 

Some of the modern mosquito traps can be worth up to a few hundred dollars, which could get expensive in the long run, as these never end your mosquito problem, but will only keep them from becoming an infestation.  You could also try to build your own mosquito traps, but these might not work with all species of mosquitoes and it might even cost you more, as you would have to experiment and get different ingredients to see what works. 

Although mosquito traps have evolved a lot, there is really nothing like contracting a professional to do the job for you and using a modern natural deterrent.  This method will really reduce the number of mosquitoes that you home in your home or yard.  It will also, prevent more from being born and this will end your mosquito problem sooner than you think. 

With some of the modern natural mosquito deterrents, you will not have to worry about these pest coming back to bite you, because you will kill them for good and keep your family safe.  Mosquitoes are known for carrying disease and if you are not careful, you could certainly be exposed to some of them. 

Homemade mosquito traps, may work in the short term and help you to control your mosquito problem, while you try to find a professional to take care of the rest of the mosquitoes.  Some homemade mosquito traps, can easily be built, with some fresh fruit and toxic ingredients.  There are many recipes for this out there and it is simple to make some mosquitoes fall into these traps, but you will never get them all. 

Get rid of your mosquito problems, with the help of Blue Ridge Mosquito Control.  We specialize in these types of jobs and guarantee that our natural deterrent will make all of these pests go away!   

Mosquito bites are certainly not pleasant and they can even be dangerous for our health as well.  Mosquitoes can grow in tree trunks, inside of old tires and in many other odd places.  This is why trying to eradicate them, is an excellent idea and why you should try to get rid of them in your house. 

These flying insects can be a hazard for your health, which is why learning more about them and how you can get rid of them, is also a good idea and will surely help you a lot.   There are now many ways to protect you from mosquitoes, but exterminating them is without a doubt, the best option that we have today. Sprays and repellants are good for controlling mosquitoes for a while, but if you really want to forget about these types of infestations, hiring a professional mosquito control company, will help you a lot.       

Following the instructions that professionals have for you, will really change your life, when it comes to mosquitoes and this is why many people are now looking for these types of services.  It is important to control mosquitoes at every stage of their life, because if you do not do it properly, they can certainly keep multiplying and this is certainly something that you do not want happening. 

With some of the new methods for controlling and eradicating mosquitoes, you can be sure that your health will not be harmed and that you will get rid of them in no time at all.  Keeping mosquitoes to a minimum level will not only help to prevent certain diseases, but it will also allow you to enjoy your backyard and your outdoors time. 

Who has not been outside and bitten by a mosquito?  I really don’t think that there is a single person who can say this, which is why we all know how uncomforting these insects can be and why so many people are trying to control them at all costs.  Even if you stay indoors and wear long sleeves while you are outside, you can still get bitten by a mosquito and this is why you need to control them now. 

The less time that you are exposed to mosquitoes, the less risk that you will have of getting infected with a disease and this is why you should try all preventive and mosquito control methods out there.  Diseases like the West Nile Virus have been controlled thanks to these prevention methods and people are living better lives all over the world. 

So if you are concerned about the number of mosquitoes in your yard or you simply cannot go outside without getting bit by one of them, consider giving Blue Ridge Mosquito Control a call.  They are the best mosquito control experts in the Charlotte, NC area and you will be very glad that you decided to give them a call.  They are always ready to help you and they even have several mosquito control methods, which will ensure that you get rid of your mosquito problem today. 

If mosquitoes used Yelp, they might look for their next meal by searching nearby for a heavy-breathing human with Type O blood, sporting a red shirt and more than a smattering of skin bacteria. Preferably either pregnant or holding a beer.

That's some of what we take away from a post today on the Surprising Science blog from the Smithsonian.

The post gives reasons behind some of those preferences, such as mosquitoes' reliance on sensing carbon dioxide to find their next target and a preference for people with higher body heat. But it also adds that if you're a blood-sucker's favorite target, it could simply be a matter of genetics.

As The Two-Way has reported, in 2011 Dutch researchers found "that mosquitoes were more attracted to men with a 'higher abundance but lower diversity of bacteria on their skin,' " and were less attracted to people "with more diverse skin microbiota."

And in May, NPR's Shots blog reported on research finding that mosquitoes "are more attracted to human odors when they're infected with the malaria parasite."