The two most common mosquitos in our area, part two

In the second part of our series on the two most common mosquito species in the Charlotte area, we are discussing the Culex pipiens or the house mosquito. Unlike the asian tiger mosquito we talked about in the first part of the series, the house mosquito is most likely to be out around dusk. They […]

The two most common mosquitos in our area, part one.

North Carolina is home to a very diverse climate. From the sandy shores to the balmy mountains, we have a variety of outdoor activities and vacation options. With such a diverse climate, we also tend to see a mix of both Northern and Southern species of mosquitos. There are currently an estimated 61 species floating […]

Worried about the Zika virus?

With summer just around the corner, the threat of the Zika virus could be enough to keep you indoors. While mosquitos have become an accepted nuisance of summertime activities, the rapid spread of the Zika virus overseas could become a widespread problem if proper precautions aren’t followed. Below are some basic facts about the virus, […]

April is Tick and Mosquito Awareness Month in North Carolina

Are you protected from ticks and mosquitoes at home? The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services issued a press release recommending protective measures be taken to avoid tick and mosquito-borne illness and disease.  Check it out here: Mosquito barrier spray can help eliminate mosquitoes and ticks in your yard and keep you […]

Are Bugs Hiding In Your Home?

Finding Those Pests Pests are not only very uncomfortable to be around, but they can also pose a health hazard. This is why it is a good idea to know where those nasty pests could be hiding in your home or yard. These steps will help you decide if the problem is easily fixable or […]

North Carolina Scientists Are Researching A New Vaccine Against Chikungunya

If you have read or heard the news lately, you probably already heard about a new mosquito virus, which has just recently reached the US and is now infecting people in several states. This mosquito-transmitted virus is called, “Chikungunya” and a lab in Raleigh, NC, has recently taken over the task, of developing a vaccine […]

Mosquitoes Are Vital For Our Ecosystems

We Do Need Mosquitoes In Some Places! Even though mosquitoes can be some of the most dangerous insects, they are also vital for our ecosystems and environment.  We have mentioned this before in our blog, but we want to draw focus to all that mosquitoes really do for us, even if you hate them! Although […]

Scaring Mosquitoes Off Your Property

Controlling Mosquitoes You should already know that mosquitoes are a real threat to our health and that they can transmit diseases like malaria, which is why we must all work towards eradicating mosquitoes and not giving them places to breed.  By starting at this problem’s source, you can very easily control how mosquitoes breed and […]