Is the treatment safe for my family and pets?  It is safe for humans and pets. The active ingredient is used in both lice shampoo and flea treatment shampoo for dogs. We also apply a larvacide to any standing water, such as bird baths and gutters, in your yard to prevent a breeding habitat for mosquitoes. The larvacide is safe for birds and could even be applied to a dog’s water bowl

What happens if it rains after a treatment? Heavy rains can reduce the effectiveness of the treatment, but retreating your yard is included in the price, if needed.

Is this a natural or “green” product? The active ingredient, pyrethrum, is a natural compound found in the chrysanthemum flower. The chemical structure of this compound is used to create the synthetic version, pyrethrim which is used in our treatment solution. It is biodegradable and considered the safest application for insect control.

Do I have to be home when you come by to treat our yard?  No. If you have a locked fence you will need to make it accessible on the day we are scheduled to come out. You will want to have pets inside during an application but you do not need to be there. They can be let out once the treatment has dried.

Can I water my yard and landscaping following a treatment?  Once the treatment has dried it is ok to water.